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Top Five Festive Walks

Everyday this week we’re bringing you our tried and tested top-fives to help you feel a little more festive in the lead up to December.

It’s Friday, it’s December, it’s freezing and our top five are five walks to wrap up and get festive to.

1. The Captial Ring

Did you know this things exists? It’s basically a lap of London, broken down into 15 chunks, and covers the most beautiful areas of the city. From Wandsworth to Streatham, Syon Park to Wembley, it’s a walk away from the hustle and bustle through green fields and deer filled parks. Wrap up, take a flask out and set out on a walk. Different sections are different lengths, and we would advise wearing shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, but the whole thing in total is 78miles! The website linked above sets out the different sections, with maps and available public transport too! Hey, you can even download a self-congratulatory certificate if you do the whole lot here!

2. Hampstead, Highgate and the Cemetery.

If there’s one way to spend a Sunday, particularly one leading up to the Christmas period, it’s by walking through Hampstead, Highgate and up to the cemetery. One side of the cemetery is open to whoever, but for the side with the crypts and many more names you need to book in advance, particularly for busy days. Hampstead High Street is a treat to the eyes, tastebuds and Instagram, wonder up the old streets and through the antique shops and grab yourself something amazing, or even head to the Oxfam devoted just to books. Walk up to the cemetery and have a look around (or if you’re not feeling the goth lyf, head to Kenwood instead), and finish in Highgate. If you’re there on a Sunday head to our favourite pub for a roast and chill out-The Flask (the Highgate one, not the Hampstead one).

3. Great Fire of London self-guided walk

OK, this is definitely a piece of shameless self promotion here, but we published a piece about an amazing day out we had where we covered history, culture, museums and views, all in town, on our own and totally free! It was great, and this one has no chance of muddy shoes and brambles. Pick a great day with not much cloud coverage so that you can go up The Monument and have incredible views.

4. Walk London’s canals

Like Amsterdam, but with more history, and less weed, you can walk the canals in London. The six mile square of canals can take you from Camden to Limehouse (there are other routes) which is our favourite. There’s plenty of beautiful canal-side pubs, and loads of witty and inuendo-filled narrow boat names, it’s a brilliant way to enjoy the city.

5. Greenwich, the market and the grounds of the observatory.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again but there’s no denying quite how Christmassy the walk around Greenwich is. Even if you don’t go in any of her buildings, the Royal Park is amazing. Walk up the hill and enjoy the mix of old and new in the skyline, and the amazing fact that we have so much green space in our amazing city.

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