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Double Double #60

Here we are, back again after another busy week, and what better way to get an insight into our lives than 10 minutes of weekly Q&A with us in the form of the double double!

Two things you’ve done this week?
JK: Caught up with old colleagues which was joyous, and had some great nostalgia with some bands I’ve not seen in 10 years!
THB: Had an amazing date night together in the west end, and went to visit Windsor Castle for the first time which was awesome!

Two things that were great this week?
JK: Spending Tuesday with Tim at Windsor Castle and then him seeing me in my element at Lily Allen in the evening, and going to see the super glitzy 42nd Street after an amazing Balthazar date!
THB: Seeing Lily Allen at one of my favourite venues in London, The Roundhouse in Camden. Also our date night, we ate at our favourite restaurant Balthazar and went to see 42nd Street at the theatre royal, which was all incredible!

Two challenges you faced?
JK: Getting out of the pit of not being able to do work, and setting myself unachievable targets.
THB: Trying to get myself back in shape in the gym, and having to stop working on music stuff for a while over the festive break.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?
JK: Try to see as much family and friends as possible, and finish some work!!
THB: Enjoy Christmas and take a breath if I’m getting frustrated with people.

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