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Greenwich Date Day

One of our shared passions is amateur astronomy, and aside from trying to visit planetariums in different cities when we get a chance to travel, the Northern Lights and stargazing in a pitch black desert somewhere are both things our to-do list.

Our Greenwich date day is something that we’ve done a few times… and never get bored of!

After a late start, we head south to Greenwich and have a wander around the village to pick somewhere for brunch. There are some cute cafes and chain restaurants, and if you wonder through the market there is a fabulous coffee stall called Ideal Espresso. This time we ended up at Bill’s, a nice millenial breakfast of avocado toast and poached eggs for Jess, and eggs Benedict for Tim who is seemingly on a mission to try eggs Benedict everywhere.

Greenwich Park walk
From the village we walk up to Greenwich Park, as it’s our favourite kind of day, cold but sunny! The park itself is huge (183 acres) and has a large array of herb and orchard gardens to explore too if you fancy. We spent a bit of time just sitting and chatting in the park, it’s weird how much just chatting in a different setting where there’s no housework to be done can change the quality of the conversation.

That morning we booked tickets for a show at planetarium online, so after our delightful walk we took ourselves up the hill to the Royal Observatory. We managed to see the astronomy photographer of the year Exhibition before it closed to be re-done for this years winners (along with wildlife photographer of the year it’s a yearly exhibition we always try to see). It’s spectacular the stuff you can see from earth with a good zoom lens. Side note; check out the statue of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin at the rear of the royal observatory. He’s a real hero of ours as he was the first human to journey into space!
We booked in to watch one of the “sky tonight” shows in the planetarium(it’s also pretty cheap and definitely well worth seeing) and they’re so cool! Sat in large reclining seats, different astronomers from the museum take you through what you can see in the night sky, through binoculars, with the naked eye, or if you are lucky enough have a telescope. Each presenter always puts their own spin on things too, through adding some history or a little something from the field they specialise in. We then wander around the museum and although dated, some of the videos and interactive displays are so great, even for 30 year olds!

Although we knew we shouldn’t, we almost always round up our date days with a boozy treat, and the Greenwich one was no exception, with a trip to Cooperage for an Old Fashioned and a Cuba Libre in the candlelit, vintage speakeasy feeling cellars with their exposed brick walls and character in every corner.

Evening plans
As darkness drew in we decided to head home for the evening, an evening of playing with the cat and catching up on box sets we never seem to have time for was on the menu.


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