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Best free views in London

Free London Views

Free London Views

Whether it’s your first time here, or you’re showing people round; looking for a date spot or just want to appreciate the city you live in, we’ve pulled together the best free views in London for you to visit!

1. The Sky Garden

Sky garden free views London

If you want good views, surrounded by glass, plants and the opportunity to buy amazing cocktails, then the Sky Garden is the one. In the City, in the “walkie-talkie” building, the views from here are unreal. We would suggest booking in advance as they only have a limited number of tickets per day to turn up for. You can book tickets here: https://skygarden.london/booking You can also enjoy the views (time it for sunset, how romantic), with cocktails from the main bar, or with food in one of their two restaurants. It’s one of our all time favourite free views of London, so don’t miss out!

Skygarden free views London

2. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

A beautiful vista at the top of a big hill. Makes sense that it’s a free view of London you won’t want to miss! North London is beautiful, and the top of the hill shows you the rest of London. It is dog heaven and in the summer it’s full of picnicking beauties. It’s free, it’s open to all and it’s well worth a visit.


3. Tate Modern 10th floor: Blavatnik Building

Tate modern view London free

As we mentioned in our things to see at the Tate post, You can get the most amazing 360 degree views of the London skyline with the Thames in plain sight. Go up to floor 10, the top floor of the new Blavatnik Building and on a good day you can see from Canary Wharf to Wembley Stadium and it’s free. Totally free. Zero pounds. A wonderful free view of London. You have to do it, and see if you can time it for sunset, it’s a beaut (and staring into the very expensive apartments around the gallery is also great fun).

4. Alexandra Palace

A Victorian “people’s palace” that was built in 1873, the palace itself is a work of beauty, but the views of London from outside are even better. Views of London in its entirety make the walk up the hill worth it, and the fireworks in November are also amazing. Definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area or it’s a nice day. Keep your eyes peeled on the Ally Pally website for some of the amazing events they have on, like food festivals and giant slides!

5. 120 Fenchurch Steet roof garden

The brand new, opened this year, Garden at 120 provides views unlike any other. For now, you can turn up without booking and for completely free, but keep an eye on their website to make sure. In the winter they are open until 1830 and 2100 in the summer – with a rooftop and inside space it’s a great place to take a date to watch the lights switch on over London.

6. Greenwich Park

We LOVE Greenwich. So much so that we became Flamsteed Society members which gets us membership to the Royal Museums too. The walk through Greenwich Park up to the Planetarium and Royal Observatory IS steep but it’s so worth it. The views of London are insane and it’s completely free. It’s a really great view from the top near the Observatory – you can see the old (like really old) and brand new (like really really new) and it’s just so impressive. No wonder people get proposed to up here so much!

7. Holiday Inn Kensington

With yet another view over London, from Kensington, the Holiday Inn is one of the unexpected places to get a great view of London, for free! OK, so most people pay about £225 to get a room with a view, but if you think about it, it’s one of the ugliest buildings in the area so at least from the bar at the top you don’t have to see it!

8. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, Honor Oak near Lewisham is another of the unexpected places for the free views of London. It is said a tree was planted in the eleventh century to mark the southern boundary of the lands belonging to the Honour of Gloucester and this is how the hill got its name.  Others say that the tree was called the Oak of Honor after Queen Elizabeth I rested in its shadow and took refreshments on May Day 1602 during a visit Sir Richard Buckley at Lewisham. What we know is that the views are excellent and the wildlife is fabulous!

9. One New Change

Opened in late October 2010, the One New Change shopping centre is situated on Cheapside next to St Paul’s. French architect Jean Nouvel– responsible for the Copenhagen Concert Hall and Philarmonie de Paris- has created an architectural delight with wall-climber glass lifts that open up to a large rooftop terrace. Best visited at sunset to watch the city come alive, and one of the best free views of London that people just don’t know about.

10. Frank’s Cafe, Peckham

Franks Cafe Peckham Free Views London

Frank’s is a special place, and some people love it and some people wont venture that far. We’re big Frank’s fans and although you’ve missed it for this year, it’s not too long to go until it’s open again. We love Frank’s for a few reasons. The first being that the views are completely different as you’re in the South, but proper South, looking up. Secondly, the drinks are great, the food is great and it’s a lovely vibe. Thirdly, it’s a view of London that’s completely free; and most importantly – you know it’s summer when Frank’s cafe is open!