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New York Pizza: Our Top Five

Planning a trip to NYC?

This time last year we had the adventure of a lifetime and pretty much completed New York, and over the space of the next 3 weeks we’ll be bringing you our best of the best of New York.

Today: our best places for pizza in New York City!

We can say tried and tested on this one, because although we pride ourselves on eating well, we had pizza every day of our trip to NYC, sometimes more than once. Our valentine’s day evening plans were take out pizza, a bottle of wine and American chat shows in the hotel…so even if we don’t know how to party, we do know how to pizza.

Joe’s Pizza

By far both of our favourites. Widely regarded as the archetypal New York slice. Joe’s is the place that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go and the walls are lined with photos of famous faces at Joe’s. It’s consistent. Every time you go and order your slice of Margarita or Pepperoni, it’s the same. You know what you’re getting. Standing room only and some space at the bar, not to be missed! Three locations across New York, but it’s a Greenwich Village institution.

Don Antonio’s Pizza

Ok, so not your typical New York slice, but we headed here just off Broadway, before we went to catch a show. Italian style pizza at its finest: thin crispy crust, great tomato base and seemingly authentic toppings. A somewhat welcome break from the grab and go slice.

Artichoke Pizza

The size of these slices was UNREAL. Both of us eat loads, but it wasn’t just us, it seemed like everyone in there when they got their order, looked like they’d over ordered. Be wise young pizza-eaters. Artichoke was impressive, their signature pizza-the artichoke pizza-was a really different take on New York pizza topped with a thick cream sauce, mozzarella, pecorino, artichoke and spinach, it’s more like the love child of pizza and artichoke dip than mere pizza itself. Served in a generous wedge, it never leaves you wanting more. Try the Sicilian for a (slightly) lighter option.

Prince Street Pizza

Square pizza pies, slightly more reminiscent of Chicago-Style pizza with its thicker base and generous slatherings of rich tomato sauce. If you like your pizza oily, then this one is for you, totally delicious and a brilliant atmosphere as they all are.

John’s of Bleeker Street

When something has been going since 1929, you know it’s worth keeping. A visit to John’s will involve queueing, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s worth the wait. They don’t serve pizza by the slice, it’s all pizza pies but the juicy tomato sauce and the stringy cheese makes it so worth it!

This trip was what sparked our New York pizza obsession and sparked our idea for our date day of Brooklyn in East London that you can read about.

Also, we couldn’t have survived in New York without the New York pass, and they’ve got loads of deals on at the moment, if you’re thinking of going it is so worthwhile, and you can get your passes and see the deals here.