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Love, lights and laughter: Christmas at Kew

Happy new year! Hope you had as great a new year celebration as we did. We stayed in, in our pyjamas and had some people over, ate curry, drank wine and played board games. Finally growing into our ages!

Anyway, with the threat of back to work blues looming, we thought what better way to cling on to Christmas than have a final Christmas date day, and what a way to go.

We spent the morning of New Year’s Day with friends, tucking into an amazing breakfast Tim made us…and a baked camembert because new year, new cheese and all that. It was delightful. A bit of a tidy later and we headed south to Richmond.

Richmond is posh, but beautiful, and I’m sure if you lived there you would get used to the plane noise being under a flight path, but we were just popping by to visit Kew Gardens, for their Christmas at Kew exhibition. I’m not kidding, you’ve now missed it for this year but you must go next year if it’s back, have a look at the photos below, imagine some very creative ways of getting across some well known Christmas songs, a pantomime for the kids, mulled wine or cider stops and even a marshmallow toasting pit…seriously epic Christmas.

Most of this post is going to be pictures to demonstrate the amazing atmosphere they create, but it took us about 90 minutes to get through the walk around the gardens, in the dark under the supermoon! There were bubbles, UV lights, singing trees, light up benches, beautifully lit trees, snowflakes, musical bridges and duets of trees, canopies and giant flowers, and it looked like they’d even dressed up the ‘hive’ installation with lights too!

The moment we see any advertisements for it coming back next year, we’ll let you know as it is the way I want to both start and end my Christmas again next year! What an amazing date day, now I’m just desperate to go back to the gardens in the summer for more of an explore!

Did you go to Christmas at Kew? Did you love it? Was there anything else at Christmas that you can’t wait to do next year? Let us know in the comments! Enjoy the photos!

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