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Double double #10

It’s a real landmark for us both this week, the 10th double double!

What better way to get an insight into each other’s weeks than to spend 10 minutes with each other talking about the Double Double, done by us both!

Two things you’ve done this week?
JK: Spent lots of time with family and lots of time exploring London!
THB: We went to the incredible Dali / Duchamp exhibition at the RAA. I also felt like a big happy kid and went on the SLIDEATRON slide in our home area of Wembley Park. I also went into work for a couple of days to shockingly discover no-one goes into their office between Christmas and New Years…

Two things that were great this week?
JK: The NHS is a marvellous thing, I’ve had to use it a lot this week, and the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition is always my favourite!
THB: Spending lots of time at home with JK and the bat-pig(Cat), and staring at the handwritten letter and signed photograph from Sir David Attenborough Jess somehow got me for Christmas!


Two challenges you faced?
JK: I managed to burn the skin off my foot and ankle on Christmas Day, making those potatoes I was so desperate to do well, and being a Watford fan has taken its toll recently.
THB: Helping Jess deal with her burnt leg from the perfect roast potatoes on Christmas Day and all the trips to hospitals and nurses and making sure it doesn’t get infected or hurt more. As Jess said, being a Watford FC fan at the moment.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?
JK: Dublin Dublin Dublin! And make sure that our posts about New York are as amazing as our holiday was!

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