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About Us

Four Thousand Weeks is a travel, lifestyle and culture blog run by Jess and Tim.

Did you know that the average human life span is four thousand weeks? When we worked out that we only had about 2500 of our weeks left together, we realised that we should make the most of them;

From planning out adventures in far flung corners of the world, snapping at last minute holidays, architecting city breaks, to thinking up unbeatable date days, we became known as the couple that do.

What we love doing, wherever we’re away, is visiting museums, checking out architecture and finding the best food spots. We love discovering local cuisines and cocktails, and you’ll often find us fawning over a sunset on a Greek island.

This blog is our way of sharing and documenting our adventures, to remind us of the things we love doing together and in the hope that we inspire others to make the most of their four thousand weeks.