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Orchids at Kew: After Hours a Photo Diary

The Orchid Festival was back at Kew Gardens for the fourth year running, and we had the luck of getting to explore the celebration of the colour of Colombia. Rather than just write about how beautiful it was, here is our photo diary of the evening.

We LOVE Kew Gardens (we’ve visited Kew Gardens before here). This time, we went to see the Orchid Festival at Kew, put on as and After Hours event. The evening was split into a number of different sections, but we explored them all in our own time. It’s not often you get to see what Kew Gardens has to offer in the dark, even less so with such incredible flowers like orchids at Kew.


Food and Drink

Firstly and foremost, food and drink. There were plenty of bars dotted about, serving beer and wine, soft drinks. They were also serving some amazing Colombian cocktails, well Kew’s take on them, and they were delicious. Delicious and affordable too at £7.95 a pop. The food was served in food vans outside the greenhouse but you could take it in. Don’t you worry, it sure was Colombian themed too! We stuck to pulled jackfruit on cornbread for our Friday night!

THe bar at the orchids at Kew
The bar at Orchids at Kew

The Greenhouse

Secondly, you could explore some of the other areas in the Greenhouse we were in. We went down to see the actual animals like the turtles and axlotyls. We attempted to go into the carniverous plants section but it was pitch black and freezing so that adventure didn’t go far.

Axlotyl at Orchids at Kew

The Orchids at Kew

There were orchids everywhere, interesting signs telling you about the orchids you were looking. There was also the permanent information on some of the other plants around them too. The orchids were colourful, beautiful, plentiful and they were everywhere!

The orchids at Kew were also displayed incredibly, and made friends for their festival too.

The Sloth at the Orchids at Kew

The Band

The Colombian band played throughout the evening. People were happy just watching them. People were using them as backing music to the flowers. Some people were losing their minds dancing away to them!

The Crafts

There were also stalls with fun craft activities. You could make Orchid head pieces or flowers, but the queues were SO long and full of middle aged white women high on life and Colombian cocktails that we gave it a miss in favour of exploring more!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for when they announce 2019’s Christmas at Kew dates as they sold out last year, and it was AMAZING the year before when we went to Christmas at Kew here.