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Double double #71

Here we are, back again after another busy week, and what better way to get an insight into our lives than 10 minutes of weekly Q&A with us in the form of the double double!

Two things you’ve done this week?
Took 220 people to Poland and back in a day, and spent some time with my grandparents in hospital!
THB: I attended the Futures Forum(a live focused music industry conference) at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington and learnt a huge amount from it! We saw some absolutely fascinating talks from both young and veteran industry professionals, including Dua Lipa and her Dad Dugi. We have also spent a lot of time in hospital keeping JK’s grandparents company while her grandma has been in there this week, I decided to spend a day pre cooking all of her grandpas meals for the week so he doesn’t have to worry about anything except seeing his wife.

Two things that were great this week?
We went for an exquisite afternoon tea at the Goring Hotel with my dad to celebrate our engagement which was so fancy and delicious! Futures Forum was amazing, so much learnt from some knowledgeable industry legends AND Dua Lipa!
THB: Spending the evening with some wonderful friends celebrating a birthday, drinking wine and playing board games was such a wholesome time(and a far superior evening it going out to a bar or club!). We also had an amazing Friday night at the Colombian themed Orchids display at Kew Gardens!

Two challenges you faced?
Anxiety taking new forms and finding new ways of appearing and deadlines coming out of my ears.
THB: Being in the hospital has been quite emotionally challenging because it brought some memories of my own grandparents that I hadn’t thought of for a very long time. The perfect job I was going for to support my music career was unfortunately postponed on the day I was supposed to start, which was unbelievably frustrating.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?
Get as much work as I possibly can done before the weekend, and not watch any of the new Queer Eye episodes until Sunday!
THB: Head down to Devon and mix all the new Slowlines songs with our producer Pete, and out feelers out for a very specific role I want to apply for.

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