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Double double #72

Here we are, back again after another busy week, and what better way to get an insight into our lives than 10 minutes of weekly Q&A with us in the form of the double double!

Two things you’ve done this week?

JK: Went to an amazing lecture on exoplanets by Chris Lintott and spent several lovely times with my grandparents. 

THB: Celebrated Jess’s birthday, and finished mixing a Slowlines album!

Two things that were great this week?

JK: I know it’s not an event, but Tim has been an absolute angel for ages but particularly helping out with everything above and beyond the call of duty for me this week. It was also my mum’s birthday and that was great fun spending the evening with her friends and making her cake!

THB: Jess and her mum share a birthday and they had a wonderful party with lots of family and friends to celebrate which was awesome(honourable mention to the cake Jess made for her mum, it’s literally the first cake she has ever baked!), especially as my Dad made the trip up! We had a great Sunday with lots of friends, games, food, and drink.

Two challenges you faced?

JK: Trying to help my grandparents without jeopardising work, and getting all my work time before our epic holiday next week!

THB: Getting angry with people not replying to important emails, and not knowing the rights things to say when Jess is struggling with stuff. 

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?

JK: Finish my last big slog of work, and have an amazing time in Copenhagen!

THB: Fully prepare for Sri Lanka, and organise a showcase event for when we get back from Asia.

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