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Waterloo’s hidden bars

Where to drink in Waterloo

You know what it’s like. That friend from uni you forgot you were going to meet? A last minute tinder date and you live on opposite sides of london? An amazing day that’s not ready to end yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our top bars in Waterloo. Easy to get to…and home from, some more hidden than others but all worth the visit.

Bar Elba
Up what feels like 7 flights of stairs, opposite Waterloo Station, is the Napoleonic island themed rooftop bar, Bar Elba. Deocorated pastels, themes of party, unisex toilets, simple list, food available.

Tonight, Josephine
There seems to be a theme running here, another Napoleonic theme, Josephine de Beauharnais, the woman that partied lots and followed her dreams (until she married napoleon), has a whole bar themed after her just opposite Waterloo station! Instagramable signs and a large selection of cocktails, happy hour is worth making the most of if it’s a heap even if you’re after.

Now here is somewhere to spend a whole night, and if you’re not careful, lose a whole night too. Having never been to Cuba (it’s on the bucket list) we can’t tell you quite how alike it is, but the food and drinks are fabulous, and the live music and dancing is too. Book if you can as it’s always busy, just passed the station towards Lambeth North. Have a mojito.

Scooter Caffe
I’m not sure words can express quite how cool this place is, and I’m sure you’ll guess what it’s about from the name. It’s a beautiful cafe in the day time, good coffee and relaxed music, even a cafe cat if you’re lucky. By night, nothing changes but the drinks menu! Bar by night, with beer and cocktails available this place is the ultimate of cool spots in Waterloo. Did I mention that there are scooters everywhere. Vespas on the wall, bikes on the bar on the seats it’s amazing. The cafe has even been in films! It’s round the back by the Vaults.

Set in the Royal Festival Hall this is the priciest on the list. But if it’s that something special you’re going for then Skylon is the one. Winning awards from all over, the food and drink available here is phenomenal. Huge windows mean the place is light and airy and you can watch the world go by with the London landmarks in sight. 1950s decor and delectable food, definitely one to visit if you’ve got the cash to spare.

Queen Elizabeth Rooftop Bar and Garden
On the top of the Southbank Centre, painted in a striking yellow (on top of concrete), is a bar that’s typically london priced, but with less-typical views. Sitting watching the Thames and the brilliant things you’d expect to see from there, a great place to sit and meet up with old friends or new dates. Brilliant for summer but in winter hey have special winter drinks and blankets, very hygge.

Have you been to any? Think we’ve missed any great ones off our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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