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What we’re reading: February

In a bid to make ourselves read more, and so you can see some of the literature that inspires our travels, and our London adventures, we’ve decided to do a monthly recap on what we’ve been reading. Here’s February’s for you!


Help: Comedy. Tragedy. Therapy.
By Simon Amstell

This book explores Simon Amstells life from his complicated childhood in Essex to his present day post-ayahuasca epiphany self. It is an astonishingly honest, funny, emotive, and for me at least reassuring book. Reassuring because it’s so frank about being human, dealing with depression, inadequacies, and relationships with family, friends, and partners. Now someone please introduce me to a ayahuasca Shaman…


Help: Comedy. Tragedy. Therapy.
By Simon Amstell

This book is dark, tragic and of course extremely funny. An eye opening autobiography and all round comedic experience albeit one tinged with sadness and depression, but then isn’t that the basis of all good comedy? Simon manages to merge memories with excerpts from his stand up, to tell an honest tale of love, loss and coming out. Both Tim and I loved this book so much, from his tales of travelling to his telling of stories about his family, it’s good to know we’re all weird hey.

What are we reading now?

Tim: Freud, Dali & the metamorphosis of narcissus by professor Dawn Ades

Jess: East West Street by Phillips Sands

What are you reading? Is there anything you’ve read that you think we should read next? What’s on your bookshelf waiting to be picked up? Let us know in the comments below!