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Extravagant Date Day

Ok so the title may not be entirely true, as we’re not talking 100% lux, two months pay checks here, but Jess and I are normally the ones that look for a way to have a great time without spending loads. Why was this one different? Well we were celebrating our anniversary!

What did we do?
After a morning of chores, gym and cat games, we left to head into central London, Covent Garden to be precise. We went for a late brunch at the beautiful Balthazar, our absolute favourite place for a treat.

The service there is always impeccable, they go out of their way to make sure your time is as special as possible and the food and drinks are as you like it. Plus, the decor is right up JK’s street. It’s an Art Deco New York style French Brasserie, brimming with character and lots of snazzy old ladies!

After brunch we realised we had some time to spare before we did the second plan of the day, so we meandered the long way to Piccadilly Circus. We wanted to go and see Two Temple Place – a neo-gothic mansion by the river, but even though we were there in it’s opening times it wasn’t open and the lights were off…so we went on to the Sir John Soane’s museum. This was the best decision we could have made. The place is insane! First and foremost it’s free to get in. It’s in 3 houses that were bought and rebuilt by Sir John Soane (an architect in the 18th century), and they’re full to the brim of fascinating things. Sculptures, paintings, artefacts, the ancient sarcophagus of SETI I, more roman bits of pottery and life masks, and the way it’s designed, similar to most of Soane’s work means that there is light used in clever ways from every possible space, emphasised by mirrors, tiny courtyards and skylights. You HAVE to go and check it out. Look for the grave to “poor Fanny” his wife’s dog.

Photograph by Lewis Bush Photography as you can’t take photos in the museum!

After the amazing museum (so good we’re going back next week to spend longer looking at some of the weird curiosities), we walked down to Piccadilly Circus to go for a celebratory cocktail in our favourite bar. Bar Americain at Brasserie Zedel. A classic American bar with oak panelling, authentic 1920s Art Deco and incredible cocktails. Opulent, glamorous and beautiful, jazz in the background and even some smokey popcorn to snack on. It was a great end to our anniversary celebrations and a brilliant date day!

What did we eat?
Ok so it’s not unusual for us to have what we had…JK had the Eggs Royale (she’s a sucker for smoked salmon) and I had Eggs Benedict, and we shared a side of sauteed spinach and pommes frites. We also splashed out for dessert and both had a chocolate fondant. They were so cute though, giving us birthday treats and decorating the plate with “Happy Anniversary”! It was all cooked to perfection and beautiful!

What did we drink?
At Balthazar we spoilt ourselves with a cocktail each, I had a “Smokey Mac” which they make especially for me (I told you the service was impeccable) as I love the smokey whiskey and habanero bitters they use, and JK had a rum-based “The Diplomat”.
At Zedel JK had a Hemingway Daquiri and I had a Brooklyn. Again beautifully crafted and totally delicious!

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