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Double double #73

Here we are, back again after another busy week, and what better way to get an insight into our lives than 10 minutes of weekly Q&A with us in the form of the double double!

Two things you’ve done this week?

JK: I went to Copenhagen with some girl friends and went to Crate brewery for a lovely catch up with mates. 

THB: I attended the people’s vote march against brexit on Saturday, and it was like nothing I have ever experienced! Over 1,000,000 people! We also had a great Sunday at crate brewery(my new favourite place!) with pizza and craft beers with some friends.

Two things that were great this week?

JK: The date day that Tim organised for my birthday was perfect, and we also went to see Chris Lintott and Steve pretty to a talk about the links between jazz and the universe!

THB: A band I have been friends with for over ten years and have played over 100 shows with reformed and come over from North America to do a single UK show in London as part of their first tour in a decade. Seeing them play was super emotional, and it was the best hang time I’ve had with people in SO long.  We also went to the new show from Chris Lintott and Steve Pretty called Universe of music, exploring the similarities and relationship between music and astronomy. 

Two challenges you faced?

JK: Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! 

THB: Jess being away, and super intense(and early) hay fever making my eyes feel all sandy.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?

JK: Finish my work and get ready for our super trip to Asia!

THB: Have a meeting with the global VP of sync at the universal music group on Thursday, then fly to Sri Lanka on Friday! 

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