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Birthday date day: refugees, theatre and Italian food

This year for my birthday, Tim took it upon himself to organize the ultimate JK date day.  Boy did he do well!  Refugees, theatre and good food, it was perfect!


Caravan Kings Cross

Knowing I had deadlines looming he started late.  We rent a caravan in King’s cross, known for good food, good coffee and millennial hipsters.  The food was great!  We decided to go rogue and have a complete sharing tapas branch and I have no regrets.  Burrata, lamb meatballs, cauliflower and harissa and fries, topped off with two amazing juices (ginger and galangal and rhubarb and vanilla)! 

Food at Caravan

Obviously, we finished it with a fancy coffee for Tim and an amazing salted caramel hot chocolate for me and we left the perfect level full.  The annoying thing about caravan is that as is so popular, they dropped the ball and service and checking décor because they know they are remained full. They were late to seat us for our booking and gave us a seat at the bar to get drinks, but it took them so long to serve us for drinks that we were seated almost before we had had time to order. They then came to take our order within ninety seconds of us being seated and checked our food before we had all of it. It was also pretty grim that the beautiful eucalyptus they had in water behind us had clearly been there for a while as the glass was full of mould!

Coffee snob set up at Caravan

House of Illustration

We LOVE the House of Illustration. So much so that we come to almost every exhibition they have there. If you’ve never been you must go. Tim knows that I do a lot of work with refugees, including on my doctorate, and so booked for us to go and see “Journeys Drawn”. The House of Illustration normally has two exhibitions on, and it was odd for us to not be too interested in the main one but were desperately interested in the smaller room. We spent about 45 minutes looking at the pictures, reading the stories and watching the videos – all illustrations from the refugee crisis. It was so powerful, poignant and emotive. We both cried a little (well, me a lot), and if you can get down before it finishes on Sunday I implore you to go and see it. It will change your outlook on life (for the better).

Refugee exhibition Kings Cross

Cocktails: Blame Gloria

I’m one of those sad people that is so obsessed with finding new things in my own city that I keep a diary of all the places that I want to visit, and bars I want to go to before I get too old to not want to go to bars anymore. Tim got hold of this and booked one for near where he had made dinner for. Blame Gloria. Blame Gloria is the Leicester Square side of Covent Garden and is a cute cocktail bar in an underground arch. Great music, a great story about Gloria, and brilliant décor, and the cocktails were brilliant too! We used the time to chat about our huge upcoming trip and all the things we wanted to see!

Dinner: Boca Di Lupo and Gelupo

Ok so I was already feeling pretty spoilt, I’m not very good at accepting things for anything, even on my birthday, but Tim took me for what can only be considered the best Italian in town. Boca Di Lupo serve Italian food that you can order as tapas if you like sharing food, and

Theatre: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

As if I wasn’t spoilt enough, Tim has one more thing up his sleeve. I love the theatre, and all versions of it, musical theatre, am dram, watching Shakespeare at the Globe, you name it. This year on Today Tix Tim spotted when it was theatre week and booked us an amazing deal for tickets. We went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and it was phenomenal. If you’ve read the book, it’s amazing. If you haven’t, it’s amazing!

What a lucky girl I am, I get to marry this man and he put so much effort into my birthday date day it gave some of our other date days like the Russian one and Walthamstow one a run for their money! Like this? Follow on Bloglovin to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/four-thousand-weeks-1915228