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Double double #87

Here we are, back again after another busy week, and what better way to get an insight into our lives than 10 minutes of weekly Q&A with us in the form of the double-double!

Two things you’ve done this week?
Spent a fabulous weekend in Madrid and finished being a freelancer for a while!
THB: Had the most amazing time at Mad Cool festival in Madrid, and went to see Billy Ocean perform in Kew Gardens.

Two things that were great this week?
Billy Ocean and Beverly Knight at Kew the Music and the 1975 at Mad Cool festival were amaaaaaaazing!
THB: ALL the tapas, and seeing Bon Iver perform one of the best festival sets I have ever seen.

Two challenges you faced?
Workload, does it ever stop? Also guilt about not doing things or seeing people.
THB: Wanting help people and feeling frustrated when you can’t, and dealing with 40° heat in Madrid.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?
Present a paper at a conference and see where we can explore at the weekend!
THB: Have a very exciting meeting on Wednesday evening and make time to see important friends.

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