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Double double #20

Quite the milestone this week… No. 20! 20 weeks of fourthousandweeks, and what better time to thank every single person that has checked it out, shared a post, read along since the first post or is starting to follow us as you read right now! It’s awesome to see so many people following what we get up to and write about.

So, what better way to get an insight into each other’s weeks than to spend 10 minutes with each other talking about the Double Double, done by us both!

Two things you’ve done this week?
JK: We’ve been gallery mad with the Whitechapel Gallery, House of Illustration and Imperial War Museum, and we spent a Saturday getting stuff done which was so great.
THB: Went to see the awesome new Mark Dion exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, and organised shooting a whole bunch of video content and new promo shots for my band while we’re away recording in Devon at the end of the month.

Two things that were great this week?
JK: We got a lovely feature on the Art Fund Instagram, and spent Saturday night with one of my oldest friends in London having a curry and a good time before he leaves.
THB: Finally getting all of the furniture we bought on Boxing Day together and donating all the old bits to charity, our living room looks so great now! Jess cooking us the most delicious brunch to eat before heading into the city today.

Two challenges you faced?
JK: Trying to work out how I can quit my job and still survive, and seeing off my pal who is moving to Nottingham.
THB: Continuing to learn and try my best to understand more about mental health and dealing with problems in that area. It’s so hard to know what to say, how to react, and how to check yourself sometimes. Watching Watford play frustratingly poor football and subsequently getting beaten by arsenal earlier today.

Two things to add to your to-do list next week?
JK: Finish plans for my mum’s birthday and my birthday party, and get some more of my work published!
THB: The endless list of things to do regarding managing my band, and drink more water!


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